And I exist happily
IN TODAY'S FUCKING BULLSHIT: I am thinking about changing the journal...again, mostly because its sad

Welcome Welcome one and all! Welcome to the circus of the silly bitches! look around my sick and twisted mind for a while, hope its entretaining because I didnt make this web page to be boring

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To do:
-Fix and translate Alexandria project
-Add character section
-Add guestbook button thats in your face and annoying
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16/03/2024: Trying to make a Cassandra Cain shrine. Once I get how collapsibles work...I need to lock in

15/03/2024: Still trying to figure out how to make the writing pages work but when I do its over for you, updated some things about the 404 screen

10/03/2024, like...4 hours later: Library is UP and RUNNING!! I still need to do the fanfiction page

10/03/2024: Added a changelog at last, the bad part is that I dont change the site much anymore

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