w3schools: html - GENUENLY SAVED MY LIFE I WAS IN A BURNING BUILDING AND W3SCHOOLS CAME AND GOT ME OUT OF THERE AND KISSED MY HEAD. The way I use it is I just think of what I want and search it up since Im lazy and I dont like DUMB things like "learning the basics" I just right in into how to make a horizontal navigation bar

w3schools: css - This is what I use when I am trying to change my site's style, the same as html but for css its fucking amazing. ALSO saved my life I would such this site's dick if it asked me to.

Scripted resources - TONS of free to use code for your site! a lot of the things used here come from there (for example, the big rainbow border boxes I got from there)

Egg ramen - EGG RAMEN! an all time classic, I havent really used it so far but it is really useful, it has a BUNCH of website templates for you to get started!


Pixel safari - Where I gota lot of the graphics used in here! has everything sorted out pretty neatly

Text anim: animated text generator - I use this one a lot actually, pretty useful or a ton of different graphics! all the animations in here are a texture scrolling through the text

Glitter text generator! - Used it for a bunch of the titles, while text anim just scrolls a texture through letters this one creates a more...static effect? you'll see it when you try it out I am bad at explaining.

Cool text I got some graphics from there! (mostly burning letters)

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