Heres where I keep quotes that go hard, feel free to screenshot

PLEASE read these books before you spoil yourself, the locked tomb series is specially good, if a little complicated

"One for the emperor, first of us all;
One for his lyctors, who answered the call;
One for his Saints, who were chosen of old;
One for his Hands, and the swords that they hold.

Two is for discipline, heedless of trial;
Three for the gleam of a jewel or a smile;
Four for fidelity, facing ahead;
Five for traditions and debts to the dead;
Six for the truth over solace and lies;
Seven for beauty that blossoms and dies;
Eight for salvation no matter the cost;
Nine for the tomb, and for all that was lost."


"While we were developing common sense, she studied the blade. Am I right Griddle?"
Page 45

"But first, Griddle, I'm afraid I have to pass out" - Page 151

"I must no longer accept" she said slowly "being a stranger to you"
Page 151

"Alas, I have a bad personality and a stupefying deficit of attention"
Page 240

"Ask me how I am and I'll scream" she said "How are you," said Camilla, who was a pill. "I see you calling my bluff and I resent it," said Gideon
Page 280

"I'm an abomination. The whole universe ought to scream whenever my feet touch the ground" / "I am a war crime." / "But I'd do it again," said the warcrime
Page 324

"Her loathing was mortar, it was combustion."

"You're my only friend. I am undone without you."
Page 326

"Too many words" said Gideon confidentially. "How about these: One flesh, one end, bitch"
Page 327

"I have you. We bring hell"
Page 374

"I have bested my father and my grandmother--every single necromancer ever taught by my House--Every necromancer who has ever touched a skeleton. Did you see me? Did you behold me, Griddle?"
This was all said somewhat thickly, through pink and bloodied teeth, before Harrow smugly passed out
Page 379

"You know I don't give a damn about the Locked Tomb, right? You know I only care about you," she said in a broken hearted rush
Page 393

"I cannot do this."
"You already did it," said Gideon "its done. You ate me and rebuilt me. We cant go home again."
"I cant bear it."
"Suck it down." said Gideon "You're already two hundred dead daughters and sons of our House. What's one more?"
Page 399

"I cannot conceive of a universe without you in it"
Page 400

Harrow said "But you're God"
And God said, "And I am not enough."
Page 404


"I need you to hide my infirmity, You see, I am insane."
Page 19

A man who looked as though he would weep if he could only figure out how
Page 40

She was harrowhark alone in front of the mirror again: a nonsense, a monster, an alien geometry
Page 45

"This will be difficult to justify. I will therefore not justify it."
Page 50

"If you find yourselves on the battlefield, remember that I will make even the dying echo of your heartbeat a sword. I will make the stilled sound on your tonguea roar. I will recall you when you are a ghost in the water, and by that recollection you will be divine. On your death, I will make the very blood in your body arrows and spears."
"Remember that I am the King Undying"
Page 76

"Ianthe always wanter everything brought back to liminal spaces and hell, as though her rooms were not enough"
Page 146

"To be a butterfly, you gotta be butterfly soup first"


"I wont give up if you dont give up...and if an alligator attacks you go for the eyes"

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